November 2023 Friday’s e-links: Infrastructure Surprises

Continuing oiur November e-links, I recommend the podcast that I especially enjoyed this week from NPR’s “Science Friday.”

November 2023 Friday’s e-links: The Amazon Problem

Last updated 11/17/23 Every once in a while, (and sometimes each day) I listen to a great podcast, enjoy an article, or see a good video that I want to share with you. I like to think of them as…

November 2023 Friday’s e-links: The Taylor Swift Documentary

Continuing our November e-links, I recommend the Netflix documentary that helps us learn more about the Taylor Swift phenome

November 2023 Friday’s e-links: A News Recommendation

Starting our November e-links, we recommend a news website with global facts, analysis, and an outlook that distinguishes it from the others.

October 2023 Friday’s e-links: Blackberry Part 2

Concluding our October e-links, we recommend a perfect complement to last week’s suggestion that you watch “Blackberry.”

October 2023 Friday’s e-links: The Rise and Fall of Blackberry

Continuing with our October e-links, I recommend the recently released film, “Blackberry,” that combines fact, fiction, and a good story.

October 2023 Friday’s e-link: Puddle Jumpers and Electric Airplanes

Continuing with our October e-links, I recommend a podcast on electric flight that held my attention for every second.

October 2023 Friday’s e-links: Research Replication

Starting our October e-links, we focus on watching out for flawed (exceedingly believable) conclusions from auspicious behavioral economists.

September 2023 Friday’s e-links: The Importance of a Mustache

Continuing our September e-links, this week our focus is the difference a mustache can make, especially when it belongs to Inspector Poirot.

September 2023 Friday’s e-links: A Skeptical Environmentalist

Continuing with our Friday’s e-links, we recommend a new book from the “skeptical environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg.