The Little Inventions That Had a Big Impact

Because of small inventions, we’ve wound up with large buildings… Like the Shard: As a result, we can say thank you for the nail. The Impact of Small Inventions In a 99% Invisible podcast, a structural engineer selected the seven small…

Why We Should Care About “One-Click”

Asked to identify the most influential inventions, we might name the telephone or the light bulb. Then taking the next step, we need to consider what we mean by influential. In a recent paper, researchers told us what influential means…

The Little Cotton Swab That Had a Big Impact

Soon to celebrate its 100th birthday, the cotton swab is a seemingly small innovation that had a massive impact.

Learn With Elaine: Inventing Post-it Notes

An accidental innovation, Post-it Notes had a massive economic impact through the private and social returns that they created.

An Innovation That Stuck

Accidentally inventing the Post-it Note, two scientists and one large corporation demonstrated where an innovation can take us.

The Trouble That Is Brewing for Tea Drinkers

A small innovation that made a big difference, the teabag has remained pretty much the same for more than a century.

The One Way That Apple and Pizza Hut Are Alike

Propelled by Apple and Pizza Hut, new pizza box design could bring us takeout pizza whose taste and temperature weather a journey.

The New Food Technology That Could Change What We Eat

Whether about cows or chicken nuggets, sometimes seemingly insignificant new food technology can have an unexpectedly massive impact.

McDonald’s Soggy French Fries Problem

Because of their new delivery partnership with UberEats, McDonald’s has a soggy French fries problem that they need to solve.

How the Movies Became Cool

An August release, The Shape of Water could be in theaters during hot summer weather because of the invention of air conditioning.