Six Facts: The Impact of Rising World Food Prices

A closer look at rising world food prices can show us how much, where, why, and their impact on hunger in low income nations.

The Downside of Winning the Amazon Race

Requiring a multi-billion dollar package of tax incentives and other inducements, winning the contest for Amazon’s HQ2 might not be as good as it sounds.

Celebrating Economic Independence

Looking at Hamilton economics through his development plan and now, we can see so very clearly why he can be called the father of our economy.

Where Phones Pump Money

Kenya’s economic development has been fueled by a mobile banking system that makes it easy to save, send and spend money with a cell phone.

Weekly Roundup: From Calories to Climate

Our economic news summary included climate talks and externalities, “missing women” and Asian marriage markets, seniors’ spending and manufacturing supply.

All You Need to Know About the New Highway Bill

With Congress passing the act that funds transportation spending, we can continue to maintain and expand our transportation infrastructure.

Weekly Roundup: From Cloned Cows to T. Rex Sales

This week’s economic news summary included China’s cloned cows, turkey facts and productivity,food lawsuits and limited liability and economic development.

The Meat Problem at the UN Climate Talks

With UN climate talks starting, one issue that will be tough to manage is the unavoidable growing demand for meat in emerging market nations like China.

Part 2: How the Middle Income Trap Could Catch China

While some high middle income economies have slowed down and then accelerated again, using World Bank criteria, China’s economic growth is tough to predict.

On The Street Where You Live

While economic development can be measured through a history of GDP data, the real yardstick is the history of one street.