Behavioral Economics

The intersection of psychology and economics, behavioral economics looks at human tendencies that involve biology and culture when predicting and explaining economic decision-making.

The Many Sides of the Ford Pickup Truck

Ranging from changes in society to the owner’s messaging, the history of the Ford pickup truck is about more than transportation.

How To Be Happy At Work

Using criteria that include happiness and meaningfulness, the ATUS (American Time Use Survey) ranks job well-being.

How a (Hershey’s) Kiss and Free Shipping Are Similar

Whether enjoying free shipping or free chocolates, consumers have a similar response because of the word “free.”

The Best New Year’s Advice From a Behavioral Economist

Having made this year’s New Year’s resolutions, next, we can ask a behavioral economist about the best ways to stick to them.

Black Swans and Gray Rhinos

We can use a zoo that includes black swans, gray rhinos, elephants, and camels to describe financial events and human behavior.

Why Our Tipping Behavior Changed

Explained by behavioral economics, a new technological default changed our tipping behavior in restaurants and taxi cabs.

Why We Won’t Get the Gifts We Want

For this holiday season, economists tell us that gift giving could say more about the giver than what the recipient wants.

The Downside of Giving Gifts

As we start to plan our gift giving for this holiday season, we should remember preference falsification and deadweight loss.

When Inflation Creates a Cheap Date

In addition to our behavior at the supermarket and the gas station, inflation has created the incentive to go on cheap dates.

What Lottery Winners and Losers Need to Know

Futher confirming that economics is everyday life, behavioral economists have explained why we buy tickets when we won’t be lottery winners.