What is Bitcoin?

With the bankruptcy filing of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, the need for regulation (and the Howey Test) is ever more apparent.

A Bitcoin Story With The Right Incentives and the Wrong Results

Trying to encourage bitcoin use, El Salvador had all the right incentives but still wound up with unintended consequences.

The Dog(e) That Needs An Owner

Whereas a Dogecoin trademark had initially seemed unnecessary, its developers soon faced big problems without one.

Where September 7th Is Bitcoin Day

By adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador will be the first nation to say that the cryptocurrency is a national currency.

Why You Might Not Use Bitcoin at AMC

Spending bitcoin for your AMC movie theater ticket and a bucket of popcorn will be possible this year…but will you want to?

July 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Infrastructure and Yap Money to Wind Power

Starting with Yap money and ending with infrastructure history, our five e-links for July also include camouflaged cookies and wind power.

July 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Bitcoin to Wind Turbines and Oat Milk

Different and yet similarly excellent, our three July e-links range from Yap money to offshore wind power to non-dairy milk.

July 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Yap Money and Bitcoin to Wind Turbines

Different and yet similarly excellent, our July 2021 e-links include an article on Yap money and Bitcoin, and offshore wind turbine podcasts.

Where Money Is Not What We Expect It To Be

Asked about the meaning of money, we might be surprised to see a circular chunk of limestone compared to a U.S. dollar bill.

July 2021 Friday’s e-links: Yap Money

Connecting ancient Yap islander money to bitcoin, July’s e-links begin with an article that suggests bitcoin could have an ancestor.