Argentina’s Preference For Crypto

With its gargantuian monetary and fiscal problems leading to hyperinflation and defaults, Argentina’s preference for crypto has been growing.

Why Life Is Not a Bowl of (Tart) Cherries

The crisis farmers are facing with plunging tart cherry prices takes us to big questions about tariffs and federal marketing agreements.

Handy Ukraine Facts

When 2066 Americans were asked where Ukraine is located, as the dots on the following map show, the replies were rather scattered. While 16% of the respondents knew their geography, the rest were off by an average of 1800 miles. The redder…

Venezuela Has Cheap Gas But No Cars

At the official exchange rate, Venezuelans pay 5 cents a gallon for premium gasoline while the real price is closer to one half penny a gallon. The dark purple country at the northern tip of South America (below), Venezuela has the…