Why We Won’t Want a Wider Highway

Intuitively logical for reducing congestion, sometimes adding highway lanes and road building have unintended consequences.

European Energy Policy Possibilities

Trying to keep it simple, we can summarize one think tank’s policy brief to see options for managing Europe’s soaring energy prices.

Why LEGO and Yeti Are Similar

Even from the best ideas, like what container ships did for our transportation infrastructure, we can have unintended consequences.

When (Unintentionally) Alexa Boosts Music Revenue

After looking at the unintended consequences of New Jersey’s plastic bag ban, we can add to our list of surprises. This time, Alexa has the story. When Song Titles Matter Our story starts with a mom admitting that poop is…

New Jersey Plastic Bag Ban Surprises

Created to reduce our use of plastic, the New Jersey plastic bag ban has had unintended environmental consequences.

Why New Jersey’s Plastic Bag Ban Might Create the “Cobra Effect”

With New Jersey’s new paper and plastic bag bans, we can ask if the regulations will have the unintended consequence of the “Cobra Effect.”

The Signs That Backfire

According to a recent study, sometimes highway signs can have the unintended consequence of creating what they are trying to prevent.

The Mystery of the Missing Wrap

Although soft plastic recycling was supermarket chain Tesco’s goal, it did not quite work out as they planned.

When a Rank Is Wrong

Seemingly indisputable because of their quantifiable origins, ranking criteria are really subjective and potentially misleading.

The Great Himalayan National Park’s Unintended Consequences

When planners developed India’s Great Himalayan National Park, they achieved their plans and some unintended consequences.