May 2019 Friday’s e-links: From the Economics of Eating to socialism and Shannon the Towel

Friday’s e-links: Hearing about the disguises, the food, and the evaluation process, I especially enjoyed a Sporkful NY Times restaurant critic podcast.

What We Mean by Socialism

Knowing the different meanings of socialism and capitalism can help us better understand what we and presidential candidates support.

Six Facts: The Impact of Capitalism

With the political debate gravitating toward socialism and capitalism, today we take a look at six facts that tell us about capitalism in four countries.

A Sports Paradox: European Capitalism and U.S. Socialism

Resembling capitalism, the system that governs European football leagues made the Leicester City Football Club ascent almost impossible.

India’s Planning Problems

India has a jute shortage that will affect a lot more than bags. Our story began decades ago with India’s “license raj,” a bureaucratic reign (raj) that followed the British colonial raj. What to produce, who to hire, how much…