The Subjective Side of Ranking Statistics

Whether it’s top colleges or the happiest countries, we can ask about the validity of the ranking criteria that were used.

What Your Car Says About You and Your Neighborhood

If we want to know neighborhood characteristics about income, education, and even politics, we just need to know its cars.

What a Supermarket Thinks About the Census

Spending decisions from national, state and local government, and private businesses, will depend on accurate data from the 2020 decennial census.

Searching For an Accurate Statistic

Whether looking at the height of Mount Everest or at the rules of origin that will be renegotiated during the NAFTA talks, we have a statistical accuracy problem.

How Wrong Are BLS Jobs Numbers?

China and Nepal used to disagree about the height of Mount Everest. Nepal counted the snow caps while China just included the rock height. Consequently, Nepal said the peak was 4 meters higher than China. Then, in 2010, China said okay, the…