Throwback Thursday: Remembering When We Were More Productive

On this #TBT, we can look back at the golden age of productivity growth to see when and how our standard of living improved.

Why We Should Worry About U.S. Productivity Growth

Because productivity growth improves our standard of living, economists are trying to understand why the productivity growth rate is declining.

Human Capital: 20th Century Time Use and Jelly Beans

If you live close to the average of 79 years, using 28,835 jelly beans to represent each day, here is how you might spend your life: In a 1930 essay, “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren,” economist John Maynard Keynes predicted…

Healthcare and Baumol’s Disease

Asked why healthcare is relatively expensive while cell phones are not, you could answer, “Baumol’s Disease.” Described by New Yorker columnist James Surowiecki, to play Mozart’s String Quartet in G minor in 1787 and now, we need 2 violinists, 2…