How the Risks of Investing and Covid Are Similar

Just when we think we have a safe approach to Investing and Covid, our risky behavior increases, thereby making us more vulnerable.

How Stock Markets Create Peace

Looking at voting preferences, researchers uncovered a surprising change in attitudes about Israeli/Palestinian conflict resolution from new investors.

Remembering the 1987 Crash

On Black Monday, 30 years ago, the stock market plunged 508 points. At 22.6%, the dive was the worst ever in exchange history. Today, a 5,100 point drop in the Dow would have been an equivalent decline. So yes, we…

The Results of Warren Buffett’s Million Dollar Bet

With a Vanguard S&P Index fund competing against a group of hedge funds, a decade-long Warren Buffett bet for $1 million has just ended.

Weekly Roundup: From Slow Mommy Tracks to Fast Wall Street Traders

Our weekly economics news summary included the yuan and foreign exchange, Google and branding, parental leave and incentives, and choosing your own price.