Why Russia Still Has Rum

As one of several hundred companies not observing the Russian boycott, Bacardi was included in a list from the Yale School of Management.

January 2023 Friday’s e-links: Knowing When You Are In a Bubble

Continuing with our January e-links, we recommend a Tim Harford podcast that tells us all we need to know about a bubble.

What We Can Learn From the Russian McDonald’s Replacement

McDonald’s arrival in Russia during 1990 and now, its departure reflect the power of the market and the constraints of central planning.

How Beef Croquettes Are Like National Parks

Whether asking about the allocation of beef croquettes or national park reservations, the answers take us to the three economic systems.

What Levi’s Jeans Tell Us About Russian Sanctions

Trying to copy Levi’s, the East German government’s problems with Communist jeans illustrated why East Germany and Russia need Western goods.

How Geography (and our crops) Divide Us

Traveling around the world, from Belgium to Australia, we see the same North-South differences that divide China’s rice and wheat farmers.

What Democracy Did To a Goat

The production of Mongolian Cashmere increased as Mongolia made the transitioned from communism to democracy and capitalism.

The Great Himalayan National Park’s Unintended Consequences

When planners developed India’s Great Himalayan National Park, they achieved their plans and some unintended consequences.

Where Video Games Are More Than Play

Seemingly about young gamers and providers China’s video game restrictions were really a message about its economic system.

How to Create a New City

Through a new city, investors are creating an economic development zone in Honduras that depends on libertarian ideas and technology.