Looking at the Invisible Work That Women Do

Looking at women’s invisible work, we also see the relatively small amount done by men in most countries and the pay that was foregone.

What We Can Learn From a Tree

We can use a tree equity score to compare the wealth and health of two communities because of the benefits created by trees.

Where Women Do the Most Unpaid Work

In Beijing, unpaid housework just got a price. Because of their new Civil Code, a Chinese judge decided that a divorce settlement had to include compensation for the former wife. He said that in addition to monthly alimony, she was…

Understanding a Pandemic GDP

Knowing that we “treasure what we measure,” understanding the GDP and a shrinking economy is even more important during a pandemic.

What We Would Pay for Facebook

A group of economists estimated the value of digital services like Facebook to illustrate a new way to think about the GDP.

Where Illegal Activities Give the GDP New Highs

Adding together the goods and services we produce in the GDP, statisticians wonder if they should include illegal economic activities.

What the GDP Leaves out (And Should It Matter?)

As a yardstick of the value of the goods and services produced in one year, a country’s GDP might be more accurate if it included unpaid household work.

The Value of Work Done at Home

Whether looking at childcare, boiling water, or changing a light bulb, the activities that compose household production are tough to value.

What Santa Would Add to the GDP

Estimating Santa’s salary is a specific task that takes us to the broader issue of whether the GDP should include unpaid work.

How to Really Grasp the GDP

We can better grasp what we mean by the GDP by looking at the numbers and also by comparing its components to an alternative.