What the Unemployment Rate Hides

Seemingly evident through a monthly report that states the jobless rate and job losses or gains, real unemployment figures can be hidden.

6 Facts: The Pandemic Economy

Through six facts we can compare the pandemic economy to the past, see its current state, and look to the future.

How to Judge the Pandemic’s Economic Outlook

When we try to figure out the pandemic’s economic outlook, we can ask economists which metrics they would select.

Getting Some Unemployment Insight Through a JOLT

By looking at job openings, hires, and quit rates in the JOLT Summary, we can get some unemployment insight about tighter labor markets.

The Surprising Lessons From Economic Crises

For all economic crises, some economists tell us, “This time it’s different,” while others disagree with their new solutions.

Not Quite a Goldilocks Recovery

To decide the strength of our economic recovery since the Great Recession, we can use seven numbers or just one that might be most important.

What the Unemployment Rate is Hiding

Obscured by low unemployment rates, the alarmingly large proportion of lower skilled workers who are unemployed is easy to miss.

Predicting the Election With the Economy

When Bill Clinton ran against George H.W. Bush, the 1992 November unemployment rate was 7.4% while during the previous June, it touched 7.8%. You can see why the big sign in his campaign HQ said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Now, Mrs. Clinton’s…

Using Three Questions To Understand the Employment Report

Hearing 4.7% unemployment you might think, “Awesome.” But then the 38,000 jobs creation number for May was dismal. How to interpret an employment report? Did the Denominator Shrink? After a 10% peak in October 2009, the unemployment rate has steadily…

A Greece Update in 4 Graphs

Coffee will soon cost 20% more in Greece because the terms of a fourth Greek bailout require higher taxes and less government spending.