What a Behavioral Economist Might Say About the Barbie Snub

Noting the Oscar nominations that top-grossing film “Barbie” did not get, we can ask if the film industry patriarchy was the reason.

Where the Child Penalty Is Bigger (And Smaller)

For women that work outside the home and decide to have a baby, where they live can determine their child penalty.

When Doing Good Backfires

Previously a huge economic mystery, researchers now think they know why the gender wage gap stopped shrinking during the 1990s.

Why We Should Be More Like Our Pharmacist

Usually summarized by one percent, the gender pay gap is so much more complex when we look at a slew of other variables.

Where to Find the Corporations With Gender Equality

Looking at gender equality in the U.S. and globally, we see that many of the numbers send a discouraging message.

Where Equal Pay Cost £1.1bn

Whether looking at a city, a firm, or a sports team, we would see that equal pay outlays always have an oppoturnity cost.

How Women Surprised Economists

Surprising economists, after pandemic lows, the number of working women in the labor force with young children went up.

Where Women Should Work

Ensnared in a patrilineal trap, that constrains potential production, India has many fewer women in the labor force.

The Women’s Multiplier Effect

The Wall Street Journal tells us that women’s spending is up. Let’s take a look. Women’s Spending Sweden According to the Financial Times, the increase in restaurant and hotel prices temporarily boosted Sweden’s inflation rate even before Beyoncé arrived. Called…