Chili Pepper Problems

Now we can add Sriracha shortages to the list of items first affected by Covid and then also by severe weather.

Playing Chicken With Export Nationalism

Because of Malaysia’s export nationalism, Singapore’s consumers could face shortages of their beloved chicken rice dish.

Why We Need Ridesharing

To reduce emissions and wasted time, Uber and Lyft should encourage the ride sharing that will decrease traffic congestion.

Why We Should Avoid Vaccine Nationalism

As the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine accelerates, nations would be wise to avoid vaccine nationalism and instead try to cooperate..

The Five Stars We Don’t Deserve

Uber just announced that if you or I get a low rating from a driver, it could have dire consequences. When a rider violates Uber’s community guidelines, that person “may lose access.” Those “guidelines” tell us not to ask drivers…

The Waze Wars That Locals Were Losing

With more drivers using Waze and other traffic apps to avoid rush hour delays, local neighborhoods have begun to resist the disruption.

The Development Debate About Chickens

When Bill Gates expressed his foundation’s support for giving chickens to people in extreme poverty, he ignited a debate about development programs.

The Significance of a Baby’s Name

As a signal from parents, popular baby names can convey a quest for individuality as well as a liberal or conservative message.

More About Colorado Pot Tax, California Eggs and Library e-Books

Updates today on Colorado marijuana, California eggs and pricey library e-books: Marijuana Elasticity: With Colorado’s recreational marijuana tax close to 30%, I was skeptical that they would generate the revenue they expected. Now, it appears they might. During January, the state collected $2…