When Inflation Creates a Cheap Date

In addition to our behavior at the supermarket and the gas station, inflation has created the incentive to go on cheap dates.

Why the EU Charger Mandate Is an Apple Problem

No longer waiting for electronics device makers to voluntarily create standardized chargers, the EU Parliament proceeded with a mandate.

How Home Work Created Assignments For Dog Walkers

Having shifted to more working at home, we initiated a ripple of changes for the people that do our dog walking.

How Your Generation Spends Its Money

Looking at generational spending, we can see our age-related expenses and also how inflation will affect the different groups.

When to Worry About the Weather

Wondering about weather and climate disaster worries, we can look at how the numbers are trending for billion dollar events.

February 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Some Smiles to Minot, North Dakota

Last updated 2/12/21 Every once in a while, (and sometimes each day) I listen to a great podcast, enjoy an article, or see a good video that I want to share with you. I like to think of them as…

How Legos Helped to Build a Vaccination Center

Albrecht Broemme had to figure out the design of Germany’s Covid-19 vaccination centers at two airport terminals, a concert venue, a velodrome, an ice rink, and a convention hall. So, he used Legos. Below, Mr. Broemme is holding a picture…

How Dating Markets Have Changed

As they replace the traditional ways that couples meet each other, onlne dating markets are reducing the role of friends and family.

May 2020 Friday’s e-links: A Cartoon, A News Podcast, Business Wars, and a Disaster Story

My May 2020 e-links include a “Business Wars” podcast series, a non-fiction disaster story, an everyday newscast, and a clever cartoon website.

Two Ways to Look at U.S. Energy Flows

To see where energy comes from and where it goes, we can look at a chart with U.S. energy flows or the alternative energy that is described by xkcd.