More Ice Cream Economics

Looking at ice cream economics, we can see who eats the most ice cream and how much an ice cream taster is worth.

December 2022 Friday’s e-links: A Problematic Press Conference

Continuing our December e-links and our concern with gender discrimination, we suggest you take a look at this reporter’s question.

What a Covid Resilience Rank Reveals

Comparing the Covid-19 response, Bloomberg’s resilience ranking tells us which countries are most successful and least disruptive.

Essential Occupations…Like the Easter Bunny

Looking more closely at the lockdown, we can identify the kinds of jobs that involve working remotely and where they are located.

The Shocking Amount of Electricity That Bitcoin Consumes

Although it is a virtual currency, Bitcoin’s huge electricity consumption is very real when we consider the land, labor, and capital its computers require.

When Organ Donors Need More Than a Nudge

Sometimes increasing deceased organ donations takes more than a nudge because of the behind-the-scene details that are necessary.