Six Facts We Need To Know About the U.S. Federal Debt

Through just six facts about the U.S. debt, we can get a pretty good picture of what it is, who funds it, and where it might go.

Worrying About the Treasury’s “X” Date

Concerned about the “X” date, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has written a letter to House Speaker Ryan about the debt ceiling.

Why the Congress Needs to Raise the Debt Ceiling Again

A week ago, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The letter said we will have maxed out our borrowing at midnight tonight. Having reached its “statutory limit,” the outstanding debt of the U.S.…

Weekly Roundup: From Aging in China to Smiling in Denmark

Our economic news summary includes social welfare and Denmark, crowdsourcing and contests, hitting the debt ceiling, aging concerns and expensive lobsters.

An Update: What We Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling

A debt ceiling controversy could erupt by November 3rd when Jack Lew says the U.S. Treasury will need to borrow to meet its spending obligations.

Weekly Roundup: From Shopping More to Driving Less

Our everyday economics includes tradeoffs, debt ceiling, fiscal policy, GDP, productivity, entitlements, regulation, autonomous vehicles, and innovation.

The Problem With Hitting the Debt Ceiling Again

With the U.S. hitting a debt ceiling that is equal to the GDP, concern over U.S. spending is growing as the Congress again decides how to avoid a default.

The Difference Between the Shutdown and the Debt Ceiling

Let’s just do a shutdown and a ceiling primer today. The shutdown is all about the federal budget. Very simply stated, certain agencies need yearly (or a different time period) funding that has to be approved by the President and…

Fiscal Policy: What We Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling

Like me, you might have thought that the US has not yet reached its debt limit. But actually it has. The story is unimaginably complicated. From what I can discern in a Congressional Research Service report, for the last 9…

The Federal Budget: Sequester Facts

Understanding the sequester means we have to start with the Supercommittee. Formed during 2011, the Supercommittee was the solution to the debt ceiling impasse. At the time, the Congress refused to pass a debt ceiling increase unless we had a…