How To Prevent an Island From Disappearing

When we plan on losing an island to climate change, we can select an alternative that will forever preserve it.

A Global Look At Learning (Maybe)

This week, with Singapore at the top, the OECD reported its PISA test results for global learning among 15-year-olds.

Playing Chicken With Export Nationalism

Because of Malaysia’s export nationalism, Singapore’s consumers could face shortages of their beloved chicken rice dish.

Where It Costs the Most and Least to Live

While we see similar tastes and shopping patterns in the world’s most expensive cities, the reasons for a high and low cost of living vary.

Why It’s Tough to Plan Congestion Pricing

While it sounds simple to charge vehicles for driving in a certain area, New York’s actual congestion pricing plan is much more complex.

Where Education and Healthcare Could Be Better

The new World Bank Human Capital Index was created to encourage the leaders of 157 countries to improve their healthcare and education.

Which Countries Want You to Have a Baby?

It is a recipe for demographic disaster when you have too many old people and not enough babies. The problem is the size of the working age population. When countries like the US are affluent enough to provide support to…

How To Cope With (Water) Stress

Being water stressed means you are unusually vulnerable to a water shortage. Sort of like a household where one emergency can push it over the edge because it spends all it earns, so too with most water stressed nations. That one drought…