When Lipstick Is an Unusual Indicator

As an unusual economic indicator, an uptick in lipstick sales can signal a downturn in the economy because it is a cheap luxury.

Six Facts: When the World Became More (And Less) Equal

Among the countless ways to measure global inequality, we can look between nations, within them, and over time.

Where Bitcoin Has Another Problem

Adopting bitcoin during September 2021, El Salvador’s political leadership did not know all that could go wrong…and it did.

What Unusual Economic Indicators Are Telling Us

Whereas trhe U.S. givernment uses 11 leading economic indicators, others look at unexpected commodities.to predict a recession.

When Bird Tourism Is Not “For the Birds”

Whether looking at New Zealand’s “bird of the year” contest or Alaska’s bird tourism industry, we see benefits that are not “for the birds.”

Why Some People Want More C02

Thinking of the craft beer makers’ CO2 shortages, we can say that not everyone is worried about too much CO2.

The Subjective Side of Ranking Statistics

Whether it’s top colleges or the happiest countries, we can ask about the validity of the ranking criteria that were used.

Which Half of the Misery Index Makes Us Sadder?

Recalling the Misery Index and concerns about inflation, we can ask whether economists believe that inflation or unemployment make us sadder.

GDP Surprises in Ireland and Macau

Sometimes when we look at GDP ups and downs, rather than fluctuations in national wealth, something else is happening.

A New Way To Measure the GDP

We can identify new GDP facts about size and wellbeing by seeing the GDP through the PPP lens of the International Comparison Program.