Why Our Earnings Are Not What They Seem to Be

Ranging from barely budging to a 32 percent increase, the ups and downs of average hourly earnings can be debated, depending on your numbers.

Why Corporate Taxes Are Never Simple

Similar to a Magritte surrealistic painting, corporate taxes are not as simple as they appear because publicized numbers hide the real facts and incentives.

What We Don’t Know About Corporate Taxes

Hearing Europe’s top anti-trust regulator say that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion in back taxes, I thought of the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte. When Magritte said “Everything we see hides another thing,” he could have been talking about corporate taxes.…

René Magritte and US Job Creation

Hearing people say that 1.5 million new health care jobs were an economic “bright spot,” I thought of the surrealist artist, René Magritte, who showed us that all is not as it appears. Let’s start with an excellent NPR Planet Money graphic…