April 2023 Friday’s e-links: Scientific Discrimination

As we begin our April e-links, I recommend reading about a real and a fictitious scientist to see how brilliant women manage discrimination.

December 2022 Friday’s e-links: A Problematic Press Conference

Continuing our December e-links and our concern with gender discrimination, we suggest you take a look at this reporter’s question.

The Newest Women’s Soccer Team Victory

Navigating the EEOC, the court system, and collective bargaining, the USWNT fought for decades to win the women’s World Cup soccer lawsuit.

Where the Glass Ceiling Refuses to Shatter

Looking at the glass ceiling, a recent study indicates that progress has stalled for women ascending the legal and corporate ladder.

Pink It, Shrink It, and Gender Design Discrimination

For years, women have needed sweaters, jackets, even snuggies at work. The reason takes us to some solid science…for men. Our story starts with a 154 pound man in a business suit. Decades ago, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating…

The Significance of a Beer Case

Because some young men who could not buy beer in Oklahoma said the law was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court had to look at gender discrimination.