How To Know You’re Sitting Next to a Billionaire

With globalization the source of the wealth of the super-rich, billionaire characteristics that relate to education can be surprising.

When Less is More

While positional goods create inequality, a closer look reveals that the impact can be negative or positive.

What We Should Ask About the Wealth Gap

Because economists disagree on how to measure wealth, they convey different conclusions about the history of wealth inequality and distribution..

Income Inequality: A Global Look

Please for a moment, think of yourself as a citizen of the world who is looking at income inequality. According to World Bank scholars, you should first identify your approach. 1. You could just create 3 baskets for countries, the poor,…

Inequality Questions

Astoundingly, the country in which we are born determines 60% of our income. And then, the next 20% relates to our parents’ affluence. Here are some answers to other interesting questions we never knew we wanted to ask. All are…