Econlife Quiz: Do You Know the Economics Behind the Olympics?

Some economists have said that happiness might be the only reason to host the Olympics once you consider the cost.

The Cost of Being an Olympic Athlete

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Gender Inequality at the Olympics

Reflecting gender inequality at the Olympics, more men than women can win medals at Rio 2016 and some rules display outdated attitudes on female frailty.

Olympic Predictions In Unconventional Categories

Predicting and observing Rio 2016 with unconventional categories, we can use statistics to see the Olympic games through a different lens.

The Gender Gap That Will Not Shrink

In 1928 mainstream media told the world that female runners were unable to compete in long distance races. In 1992, the journal Nature printed a letter predicting that women runners would equal men by 1998. Neither got it right. Describing…

How To Win The Olympics

The 2016 Olympics in Rio might be different. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Great Britain fared poorly. They took home only one gold and ranked #36 among medal winners. At Beijing in 2008, their medal count was 47 and they ranked…

Winning the Olympics

How to predict Olympic medal winners? Economics. It takes money to train a world class athlete. The most economically fit countries can afford to train their athletes. Also, the “host bounce” helps. In the past, host countries have enjoyed a…

Greek Austerity Facts

With a March 20 deadline approaching, new European bailout negotiations continue to emphasize austerity. Curious about what austerity specifically meant, I looked at a Greek newspaper. In the sports section, they discussed the plight of Greece and the Olympics.  Athens Olympic Park,…