Why People Do and Don’t Pay Taxes

The economists who think about paying taxes tell us that there are so many different reasons that people do and do not comply.

One Way That Norway Is Different from Nigeria

Diplomatic immunity can give us an indication of corruption in a country by looking at whether consular officials pay parking tickets.

Where a Sugary Drink Tax Won’t Work

Looking at the Philadelphia sugary drinks tax, we would find it did not accomplish many of its goals in three major categories.

How to Maximize Tax Revenue in Unexpected Ways

From India, the UK and the U.S., stories that make taxes interesting: India Drumming Up Tax Revenue Using shame when all else fails, officials in a Mumbai suburb boosted property tax revenue by 20%. They just show up on someone’s…

The Tax We Should Like

Among the least popular forms of taxation, property taxes are the most desirable because of their incentives, whom they target and their resilience.

Should Water Be Free?

Although protestors in Detroit and Ireland say water is a human right, economists, citing a definition of a public good and a tornado alarm, would disagree.

Weekly Roundup: From Marijuana to Multinationals

This week’s stories on everyday economics include productivity, externalities, tax revenue, monopolistic competition, international trade and economic forecasting.

Dude, Where’s My Tax Revenue?

Unpredictable human behavior for Colorado marijuana sales is but one example of why economic forecasting for tax revenue and GDP is inaccurate.

The One Big Reason We Can’t Really Cut the Federal Deficit

It is tough to be a deficit hawk.   Rather than our typical spike in wartime spending, we have a peacetime deficit. (Please note that the federal deficit is just how much spending exceeds revenue during one year.):   Spending for……

Would You Share Your Tuition, Your Income and Your Grades?

When are you willing to share what you have earned? College tuition? While the yearly sticker price for Duke, Harvard or Wellesley is close to $60,000, not everyone pays it. At Wellesley College, close to 40% of all students pay…