The Mystery of the Missing Price Tag

Still subject to the market’s supply and demand, the prices we pay could reflect a dynamic pricing phenomenon that we cannot see.

Is Google Harming You?

With the Google antitrust trial having begun, we will see if Google harms consumers and advertiser by restraining competition.

How Spaghetti Sauce Recipes Helped Campbell’s Compete

About much more than cooking, spaghetti sauce recipes display how oligopolies like Campbell’s Soup competes.

Why Should We Care About Pink?

Called Barbiecaore, the creators of the soon-to-be-released Barbie film has created a brand that is based on the color pink.

One Totally Unexpected Reason That Beyoncé Makes So Much Money

With music superstars like Beyonce earning a disproportionate amount of industry income, the reason why could be surprising.

What We Need to Know About a Very Big Bank

Looking closely at banking competition takes us to balance sheets, regulation, competitive market structures, and JPMorgan Chase.

Why the Swiss Matterhorn Matters

Decisions made by Toblerone’s parents company mean that the Swiss chocolate bar will need to shed some of its “Swissness.”

How To Think Outside the (Pizza) Box

Whether looking at pizza acrobatics or your local pizza restaurant, the goal of competition is product differentiation.

The Difference Between the Best and Worst Airlines

Looking at the Wall Street Journal’s annual scorecard for the best and worst airlines, we see examples of competitive strategies.

Why We Want a Royal Warrant

Guaranteeing quality, a royal warrant is a rather clever way for the British monarchy to help businesses compete.