Where We Lost 20,507,518 Years From COVID-19

In addition to at least 1,279,866 deaths in 81 countries as of January 6, 2021, the devastating impact of COVID-19 can be seen through a YLL, years of life lost, lens. COVID-19 Impact In the world, the average lifespan for…

The Mystery of the Missing Bucatini

Our story starts when a journalist named Rachel gets a call from her mom. The mother is distressed because her supermarket has stopped selling De Cecco bucatini. Even on Amazon, there is none: But it gets worse from here. A…

The Reason We Weren’t Ready For the Pandemic

Trying to grasp our inadequate response to the spread of the coronavirus, we can look back at decades of decisions about pandemic preparedness.

Why a Normal Recession Would Be Nice

As a pandemic, COVID-19 could have an impact that is more similar to a macroeconomic disaster than typical normal recessions.

Past Tariffs and Future Shortages

Medical product shortages were the unintended consequence of the tariffs that were supposed to diminish our trade with China.

The Impact of Export Curbs on Medical Equipment

When nations try to guarantee their domestic medical equipment supply through trade restrictions, the policy could backfire.