Labor Productivity: From the Bottom Up and Top Down

Crucial for economic growth, looking at labor productivity, we can focus on at home work and then the aggregate numbers.

Why Starbucks Needs Henry Ford

With the Starbucks Latte menu, success has the potential for failure because the more they make, the longer customers have to wait.

The Indoor Impact of Extreme Heat

While extreme heat hits the economy outside, its inside impact on equipment and worker productivity is massive.

How to Gobble 62 Hot Dogs

Watching competitive eating at the annual Nathan’s contest, we need an economic explanation to understand the results.

Why We Should Care About “One-Click”

Asked to identify the most influential inventions, we might name the telephone or the light bulb. Then taking the next step, we need to consider what we mean by influential. In a recent paper, researchers told us what influential means…

The Best Way to Board a Plane

Hoping to shave minutes off its turn time, Southwest has been experimenting with a slew of boarding strategies.

Butter, Buildings, and Baumol’s Disease

New Chicago Fed head Austan Goolsbee and a U. of Chicago colleague try to solve the mystery of lagging construction industry productivity.

Why a Starbucks Macchiato Is Like a Model-T Ford

Whether looking at coffee or cars, at Macchiatos or Model-T’s, producers care about taking fewer steps in the cafe and the factory.

How a Hot Dog Is Like a Model T Ford

As always, the competitive eating techniques at Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest are really all about economics.

The Toilet That is Supposed to Boost Productivity

A less mentioned source of worker productivity can take us off the job to the recent attempts to diminish the amount of time spent on bathroom breaks.