Why Dads Refuse to Take Paternity Leave

Although new U.S. legislation, if passed, includes paid paternity leave, researchers say that much more is necessary for new dads to do it.

Should We Be More Like Scandinavia?

Looking at Scandinavian taxes, we can see the tradeoffs that government provided healthcare, university tuition, parental leave, and elder care require.

One Way That Norway Is Different from Nigeria

Diplomatic immunity can give us an indication of corruption in a country by looking at whether consular officials pay parking tickets.

When You Don’t Want To Know Your Neighbor’s Income

Looking at Norway, a large bank, and the University of California, we see that transparency can make us care more about income inequality.

How Certain Central Bankers Became More Friendly

When you look at Norway’s new banknotes and their (hilarious) video describing the journey of a cod from the sea to a wallet, you can see that central bankers have become more interesting.

Should Norway Pull the (Electric Vehicle) Plug?

Norway is debating the “Tesla tax.” Targeting all heavy electric cars, the tax increase for some Tesla models could be massive: Even more broadly though, Norway is deciding when and if to diminish electric vehicle (EV) subsidies. Irresistible Incentives Norway…

Brexit: How the UK is Connected

Not necessarily all or nothing, the Brexit alternatives could take the UK to the EU connections selected by Norway, Switzerland, Turkey or Canada.

Everything You Need to Know About Brexit

Involving ideas about free trade, national sovereignty, regulation and European unity among 28 nations, a Brexit decision is more complex than it appears.

What Gorgeous Money Looks Like

Although paper currency is just one part of a money supply, a special design like Norway’s new kroner notes conveys an inspirational message.

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Charge

Electric vehicle subsidies change a slew of incentives that range from car purchases to commuting and parking decisions.