Each lesson plan combines a 5-minute read of an online blog post and then a series of fact questions and an analytic activity. The lesson plans provide a mini economics course because each one includes current events facts and an economic concept.

Learn With Elaine: Uber’s Driver Shortages

Related to universal supply side incentives, Uber’s driver shortages display the power of the higher prices that motivate producers.

Learn With Elaine: Tokyo 2020

Seemingly simple, the pandemic delays that created ticket refunds for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have an immense cost.

Learn With Elaine: Inventing Post-it Notes

An accidental innovation, Post-it Notes had a massive economic impact through the private and social returns that they created.

Learn With Elaine: Impulse Buying

Staying at home during the pandemic, we have shifted our impulse buying from the supermarket to our online shopping cart.

Learn With Elaine: Banana Problems

Echoing what happened during the 1950s, banana problems with a spreading fungus mean we will again need a new kind of banana.

Learn With Elaine: An African Trade Deal

Looking at a recent African trade deal, we can debate the many sides of free trade.

Learn With Elaine: Ketchup Packet Shortages

One of many supply and demand problems during the coronavirus pandemic, ketchup packet shortages hit homes, bars, and restaurants.

Learn With Elaine: What We Don’t Know We Own

Based on the six hidden rules of ownership, from Netflix passwords to airplane seats, what we don’t know we own shapes our behavior.

Learn With Elaine: How Covid Changed College Applications

By suspending the SAT and ACT, Ivy League colleges diminished transaction costs and made it easier to apply.