What Money Means

Recent surveys that have looked at money’s value display it has become more important while traditional values are slipping.

How We Spend Our Money

By looking at one hundred years of consumer spending history, we can see how our food, housing, and clothing reflected our growing affluence.

Less Recognized Reasons For the Gender Pay Gap

By focusing on social norms that determine the division of labor at home and traditional workplace incentives, we can narrow the gender pay gap.

The Surprising Lessons From Economic Crises

For all economic crises, some economists tell us, “This time it’s different,” while others disagree with their new solutions.

When the Power of the Market Affects Commodity Prices

The results of the bet between biologist Paul Ehrlich and economist Julian Simon showed how the power of the market affects commodity prices.

What Fake Tusks Tell Us About Real Ivory

Because of the price incentives that the market creates for the African ivory trade supply chain, elephant tusks move from the bush to the coast and beyond.