The Online Shopping Nudges We Should Ignore

More than shopping nudges, e-commerce dark patterns are the deceptive and misleading tricks that pressure us into a purchase.

The Connection Between Traffic Jams and Jobs

As the downside of low unemployment, traffic congestion can have an invisible cost that relates to time, gas, and aggravation.

Why E-Commerce Is More Than a Package

Cheaper laundry detergent, Victoria’s Secret, a deserted downtown and a stressed UPS are all a part of the e-commerce impact on rural American towns.

The Razor Blade’s Creative Destruction

Contracting because of online competition, Gillette’s dominance of the men’s shaving product market shows the creative destruction that e-commerce creates.

China’s Singles Day

November 11 was Singles Day in China. Started by a group of college students during the 1990s, Singles Day is when unmarrieds shower each other with gifts. I have read that 11/11 represents 4 bare sticks which sound like the…