The Highs and Lows of Trendy Food

The hot dog could be our newest trendy food. Calling the hot dog the “it” restaurant order of the summer, the Wall Street Journal elevated the lowly frank. However, more than the dog, the reason appears to be the toppings.…

How to Decide if a Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

The hot dog in a bun becomes more than a meal when sandwich classification determines if it’s taxed and who can compete.

What You Don’t See When You Watch a Baseball Game

Those vendors that sell us hot dogs, peanuts, and Coke at a ball game are thinking about a lot more than the food and the score.

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Why We Need to Know If a Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

To decide if a hot dog is a sandwich, we can look at New York City’s list of criteria and examples that determine if you pay sandwich taxes.

Why Competitive Eating is About Much More Than Food

When Joey Chestnut guzzles 72 Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes, his competitive eating takes us to much more than food and entertainment.