How We’ve Been Delaying Life

Comparing 1980 and now, we would see that many of us are older when we experience five of life’s key milestones.

Where Red and Blue Agree

Our shared Halloween candy favorites demonstrate that red and blue states can agree on the sweeter parts of life.

A Where, What, and Who Primer for Mother’s Day Spending

Knowing that consumers fuel the GDP, we can ask if our projected Mother’s Day spending will continue to support the economy.

How a House Builds the GDP

The U.S.  Census Bureau has a visualization that shows some of what we use to build a house, how much we spent (as a country), and how many jobs were created during 2018 and 2019. Let’s take a look. Housing-Related…

The Red and Blue States That Select the Same Halloween Candy

Because the people in red and blue states prefer the same Halloween candy, we have one holiday that unites us.

The Ups and Downs of Consumer Spending

Because of the coronavirus impact, consumer spending has shifted away from many of the goods and services we normally buy.

The Mystery of a President’s Economic Performance

While we know that GDP can influence an election, economists also ask whether the results of the election will affect the GDP.

The Red and Blue States That Like The Same Halloween Candy

Looking at our Halloween spending, we can compare the candy that red and blue states prefer and then see what else we buy.

What We Eat and What We Waste

Finding out what we eat, what we waste, and what we spend on our food can depend on the decade we look at and when we were born.

How the Weather Affects What We Buy

Even influencing the kind of car we decide to buy, weather economics can have a surprising impact on the decisions we make as consumers.