The Mystery of the Missing Money

Late last Wednesday night, a tractor trailer driver pulled into a parking lot at a mall in Northeast Philadelphia. Hoping to take a snooze, he left his cargo of 7.5 million dimes behind a truck door with a flimsy lock.…

When a Mask Is Like a Lunch

Looking at the past and now, we can see the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions for reducing COVID-19 fatalities.

Finding the Best Soda Tax

Involving us individually and as a community, sugary drink taxes create nudges that result in a long list of costs and benefits.

What We Might Not Know About Philadelphia’s Soda Tax

The results of a new study can help us decide how we feel about the impact of Philadelphia’s new sugar sweetened beverage tax.

Why the Philadelphia Soda Tax is Fizzling

Like all sin taxes, the Philadelphia sugary drinks tax has had an unpredictable impact on revenue and the alternatives that people select.