Lazy Lauren

Dear Alexa, I have to admit I’m getting lazy. As always, my New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. But the protein shakes and five a.m. wake up calls just aren’t as appealing as they used to be. Why…

Conspicuous Consumption

Dear Alexa, The other day, my $35 knockoff Louis Vuitton bag hooked onto someone and tore right open. Rather than purchasing a better quality bag, I walked two blocks to another NYC vendor and this time bought myself a faux…

Driving Danielle

Dear Alexa, For a while now I’ve wanted to purchase an electric car but they have always been too expensive. With the new Tesla 3 coming out, Alexa, do you think I should buy it or stick to a regular…

The Gift Giver’s Dilemma

When gifts are worth less to the recipient than the giver, the economy experiences deadweight loss and an “orgy of value destruction.”

Shopaholic Sarah

Dear Alexa, I find myself at the mall quite a bit and it’s beginning to do some serious damage on my credit card bill. Whenever I see those four big letters, S-A-L-E, I can’t hold myself back! Now I’m finding…

Summer Job Jealousy

Dear Alexa, I just signed my contract for a summer job as a lifeguard. I’ll be working 40 hours a week and making the big bucks! But, I just talked to my friend and learned that she has a job…

Free Stuff Frenzy

Dear Alexa, I was recently at my local grocery store and noticed free newspapers in a nearby bin. I was shocked at how full it was. Why doesn’t anyone run off with the entire pile? Sincerely, Curious Caroline   Dear…

Weight Loss Woes

Weight loss during the holidays is easier when you combine what you like to do with what you should do through temptation bundling.

Roommate Advice

Ask Alexa advice column uses the idea of tradeoffs and opportunity cost for solving a conflict about using Netflix or Cable.

I Scream for Ice Cream

Looking at externalities, we can see how economics can validate eating too much ice cream.