What Movie Leading Roles (Don’t) Say About Diversity

Through leads, co-leads, and directors, we can see the underrepresentation of diversity in movies for gender, race, and ethnicity.

Why Our Movie Theaters Will Change

When the Justice Department terminates a rule from approximately 70 years ago, movie industry economics could change what we see at local theaters.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockbuster Movies

Box office comparisons for summer blockbuster films like Jurassic World and total film revenue are misleading unless the numbers take account of inflation.

Hollywood’s Gender Gap

The film industry gender gap displayed behind the scenes and in front of the camera through male domination reflects expectations bias.

Why More Movies Are Boring

With the competitive market structure of the movie business changing from less to more competition, movie content from major studios is less innovative.

When is a Tax Credit Like a Groupon Coupon?

States should use cost benefit analysis more so to assess economic development tax incentives like tax credits that target film and TV producers.

Law & Order and Jimmy Fallon

States can use taxes for more than revenue. Our story begins when NYC lost the $79 million that Law & Order generated annually because NBC cancelled the show. Just feeding the actors for 14 years meant $1.5 million to David’s Gourmet Catering and…