What Air Jordan Says About Capitalism

There is no need for a spoiler alert because we all know how Air ends. But there is so much more. Air Jordan Capitalism Today, our story starts with an Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love author) New Yorker magazine interview.…

What We Can Learn From a Rich German Shepherd

Although we can say that the environment is priceless, one group in the UK is giving ecosystems price tags that add to their value.

Where a Pop in a Corn Price is a Problem

When North Korean prices for rice and corn rise steeply, we get the message that something is wrong with supply and demand.

A Closer Look at Apple in China

Looking at Apple in China, we can see the collateral damage that a seemingly targeted tariff can create for multinationals.

The Real Problem With Facebook’s Business Model

To understand the problem with Facebook’s ad revenue business model, we can just look at the role played by price as an incentive.

An Inside Look at the iPhone

Doing an iPhone teardown for the XS Max, we see the cost of the components and the suppliers that extend around the world.

The Impact of a Bee Sting on Your Big Mac

The market’s message from bee pollination prices has minimized the impact of colony collapse disorder (CCD) on our Big Mac.

The Mystery of the North Korean Economy

Looking at the North Korean economy, economists have to become detectives because the government refuses to share basic statistics.

When a Tesla Price Tells Us All We Need To Know

Just by looking at a $35,000 Tesla price, we can decide if Elon Musk is creating luxury vehicles or cars for the masses.

What a $450 Million Price Tag Tells Us

On November 15, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi sold for $450.3 million ($400 million plus fees). The auction lasted 19 minutes. Salvator Mundi: Where are we going? To the message from the price. Where to Ship When you are dealing…