In Two Americas, Just One Sees Goldilocks

Although their lenses differ, economists agree that we have two Americas with education, income, and life expectancy dividing us.

Why We Want Age Inflation (or Maybe Deflation)

New UN life expectancy projections might not really display what living longer will mean for the most developed nations.

Why We Don’t Want To Be The World’s Happiest Country

Reading the 2022 World Happiness Report, I wonder whether its six variables are what we should use to rank happy countries.

Where Living Longer Is Changing Lives

Now and in the past, life expectancy is about much more than living longer when we look at consumer spending and government responsibility.

A New Way To See Old Age

Looking back 55 years at the changes in life expectancy, we could decide to change our definition of what it means to be old.

Comparing Welfare in 13 Countries

Although the per capita GDP gap between two countries could appear large, the difference shrinks when you bring welfare into your calculations.

The Path of the Shifting Center of Global Economic Power

Led by Chinese economic growth and other emerging markets, the center of economic gravity is moving eastward from the developed world to Asia.