How a Bridge Collapse Affected Cars, Cruises, and Coal

While the length of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was just 1.6 miles, the cost of its collapse extended around the globe.

A Tale of Two Canals

Although caused by entirely different reasons, Suez and Panama Canal problems together have shifted supply curves.

Comparing Santa and Amazon

Comparing Santa and Amazon, we can use statistics that reveal equally amazing statistics about package volume.

Why Coffee Matters in a Merger

With Alaska Airlines offering to acquire Hawaiin Airlines, diminishing airline competition will continue to affect flying (and coffee).

What the Best Airports Do for Us

Using WSJ’s reliability and convenience ranking metrics for 20 large and 30 midsize airports, we can judge their cost and benefit.

How to Cut the Cost of Commuting

At 26 minutes, my typical commute time is average. But there is a faster way. The Cost of Commuting When the cost of housing was high near work, many of us moved where homes were cheaper. The result was a…

Why Our Holiday Presents Could Be Delayed

When the Panama Canal reduces traffic because of a water shortage, it creates a logjam that could delay our holiday presents.

The Value of the Golden Spike

Much more than a reminder of the transcontinental railroad, Utah’s new golden spike is about a transportation infrastructure.

How to Board a Plane Quickly

Although airlines say that speedy boarding is a priority, their incentives prevent them from ever achieving it.

The Demise of the Gas Station

Looking at gas station economics now and in the future, we see electric vehicle (EV) chargers as an existential threat.