Where Video Games Are More Than Play

Seemingly about young gamers and providers China’s video game restrictions were really a message about its economic system.

How to Create a New City

Through a new city, investors are creating an economic development zone in Honduras that depends on libertarian ideas and technology.

Why We’ll Have a 2019 Valentine’s Day Candy Shortage

First there was the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018 and now we have a Valentine’s Day candy shortage of the conversation hearts that are a national favorite.

What a High Social Score Can Get You in China

In 2020, China will have implemented a social score program that will use behavioral inputs to decide which goods and services residents can access.

How a Social Score Gets You China’s Goods and Services

As China’s social scoring system develops, undesirable behavior like jaywalking could limit someone’s access to goods and services.

The Best Country For Libertarians

Rather than the ballot box, imagine you voted by moving to the country with your favorite economic philosophy. While a progressive might select Denmark or Sweden and social conservatives always have Singapore, finding a libertarian country has been pretty tough…until now. Where…

Random Health Care Notes

Last summer, at a Fourth of July picnic, a 75 year old great-grandmother, told by her doctor not to eat a hot dog because of its high sodium content, said, “I’m going to have a hot dog.  If I’m dead in…