The Unexpected Sides of Pickleball

Reflecting the impact of a fast growing sport, pickleball economics takes us to a slew of unintended consequences.

Where Less AC Might Mean More

Paradoxically, because air conditioning demand could increase with a more efficient window unit, we could have some unintended consequences.

The Economic Half of a Sandwich

More than food, a sandwich can take us to the obesity economics that explain why parts of the world eat too much.

An Update: China’s One, Two, Three Child Policy

About much more than babies, China’s shrinking birth rate reflects a slew of trade offs that created some problematic externalities.

Six Facts: Alcohol Economics

Positively and negatively, affecting countires with high and low income, the impact of alcohol economics is global.

How Restaurant Hours Have Changed

For a slew of demand and supply related reasons, chain restaurant hours have been decreasing almost everywhere.

When (Unintentionally) Alexa Boosts Music Revenue

After looking at the unintended consequences of New Jersey’s plastic bag ban, we can add to our list of surprises. This time, Alexa has the story. When Song Titles Matter Our story starts with a mom admitting that poop is…

New Jersey Plastic Bag Ban Surprises

Created to reduce our use of plastic, the New Jersey plastic bag ban has had unintended environmental consequences.

What the OX Adds to Rwanda’s Cold Chain

Much more than an ice box, a refrigerator is a link in the cold chain that countries like Rwanda want to join.

When a Chicken Is Like a Ford

While many of us are spending many extra dollars a month for the same groceries, the rotisserie chicken has remained cheap.