Why We Might Not Want Our Water Bottle

Although thirst became less of a reason to drink more water, we were drinking more of it after inventing hydration.

An Economist’s Top Ten List For Christmas

Through a Christmas Top Ten list, we can see how economics has the perfect lens for understanding our holiday behavior. Christmas Top Ten List 10. Social Norms Violating a social norm, a grandmother in Wales charges for her holiday meals.…

How Fast Fashion Responded to the Rana Plaza Collapse

When the Rana Plaza collapsed on April 24, 2013, more than 1,100 workers were killed and 2,500 were injured. Yes, the world was horrified. More precisely though, in a recent paper, two scholars asked how demand and supply responded. The…

Why We Have a Santa Shortage

On the demand and supply sides of the market, we have a Santa shortage that some say has caused Santaflation.

The Downside of Giving Gifts

As we start to plan our gift giving for this holiday season, we should remember preference falsification and deadweight loss.

The Surprising Side of Internet Prices

The trajectory of internet prices in markets that had never before existed is not entirely what we might have expected.

Why Dodge Minivan Owners Are Smiling

Seeing the pop in the price of a “pre-owned” Dodge minivan, we can look at the reasons for higher used car prices.

A Return to the Downside of Gift Giving

During the holiday season, our gift giving might have less value than we expect because recipients engage in preference falsification.

Thanksgiving Top Ten List For 2021

Through a Thanksgiving Top Ten list, we can use economic ideas to truly understand our behavior during the holiday.

What We Can Learn From a Ketchup Packet

The Covid shortages of Heinz ketchup packets show us that less of a tomato spread is about a lot more than a condiment.