The Economic Side of Predicting the Weather

Way beyond predicting the rain and temparature, the National Weather Service, engages in far reaching weather economics.

Why We Want to Overfish

A Montauk fisherman is in court because of a 74,000-pound catch. Where are we going? To the tragedy of the commons. Overfishing Rules Our story starts in 1976. Moving from 12 to 200 miles, the U.S. expanded its jurisdiction over…

The Most Destructive Weather Events

Idalia reminds us that the cost of hurricanes for storms with the letter “I” has been especially deadly and destructive.

Why Zoe Is the Name of a Heat Wave

At econlife, we’ve suggested that heat waves should have names. It turns out that some do. Right now Cerberus is roasting Southern Europe. Heat Wave Names The Italian Meteorological Society named the current Southern European heat wave after the mythological…

The Surprising Impact of Global Warming On Future Hurricanes

Because they did so much damage, Ian and Fiona will no longer be on the hurricane list. The name Ian has been with us since 2016 when he replaced Igor. Around longer, in 2010, Fiona took Francis’s slot. Now, in…

What Natural Disasters Cost Us

With 21 named storms, 2021 was the third most active Atlantic hurricane season (yes, ever). According to the WMA (World Meteorological Association), hurricane lists include 21 letters because it’s tough to find easily recognizable names that start with a Q,…

When There Is More to AC Than Cool Air

Related to climate change and even more to income, demand for air conditioning will rise considerably by 2050.

The Cost of a Weather Warning

Knowing that it is possible minimize the impact of weather and climate disasters, researchers are trying to figure out the best way.

Where the U.S. Is Shrinking

Whether measuring the height of a mountain or the size of the GDP, we need a similar kind of statistical consistency.

When to Worry About the Weather

Wondering about weather and climate disaster worries, we can look at how the numbers are trending for billion dollar events.