Why We Need a New Life Cycle Stage Called the “Young-Old”

Because the ageing population of people who are 65 and older has become more healthy and active, we need to recognize a “young-old” group.

Italy’s Demographic Disaster

Looking at Italy’s aging population and the impact on national spending, we might better understand the populist direction of Italian politics.

Why the U.S. Social Security System Gets a “C” Grade

Comparing 25 countries’ pension systems, a recent report placed Denmark and the Netherlands at the top of their list with an “A” grade. The scoring metric was based on a weighted combination of sustainability (40%), adequacy (35%) and integrity (25%). Where are we going? To pension…

The Best Places For Growing Old

With populations growing older in the developed world, their wellbeing might affect the GDP growth rate because of the expense of their care.

Aging Populations

Just remember 4-2-1-whenever you think of Chinese demographics. 4 refers to 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas, 2 is their adult children and 1 is the next generation. The social fabric of China is shifting. In rural areas, the elderly population…