How to Create a Student Athlete Pay Market

With different state laws and a Supreme Court decision affecting the NCAA, everywhere student athlete pay rules will change.

How March Madness Generates Gender Bias

March Madness is a brand. As a trademarked phrase, it represents more than a tournament. It is a massive moneymaker that creates excitement, rivalries, and riveted viewership. It also represents NCAA gender inequality. NCAA Gender Inequality At this year’s tournament,…

How College Athletes Are Really Paid

When student athlete pay is replaced by luxurious locker rooms, the market is prevented from allocating money productively.

The Athletic Programs That Score High for Gender Bias

With a poor hiring record for female college coaches, many universities and athletic conferences have received dismal gender bias grades.

Following the March Madness Money

Whether looking at what fans spend and wager or the NCAA, the coaches, the teams, the media, and corporate promotions, March Madness is about big business.