What People Will Pay For a Dorito

A Dorito or a Cheeto can become collectible snacks when they are sufficiently unique to be worth an elevated price.

Where Lost Luggage Finds a Home

At a massive store in Scottsboro, Alabama, bargain hunters can purchase the contents of the lost baggage that airlines say is unclaimed.

A Tale of Corn and Climate

A look at corn and climate change in northern Canada demonstrates the different markets that develop when temperatures rises.

Why the Kilogram Had to Change

To become more accessible and accurate, a new kilogram has been developed that that is based on ideas rather than an object.

Why an Economist Can Solve a Poop Problem

Sometimes you need an economist who figures out how to improve Senegal’s sanitation by getting more people to use toilet suckers.

The Woman Who Wants a Moon Dust Market

Unless the U.S. government lets a woman in Tennessee keep and then sell her moon dust, it will remain a “priceless” national treasure with unknown value.

March Madness Money Facts

Involving multiple markets and hundreds of millions of dollars, March Madness money facts relate to the NCAA, coaches, teams and the extra beer we buy.

Why We Should Like Uber’s Surge Pricing

People who get angry with Uber’s surge pricing should be willing to accept the tradeoff. Without a higher price, the number of drivers would plunge.

Weekly Roundup: From Income Inequality to Parental Leave

Our weekly roundup includes a look at parental leave plans and fuel conservation, an ethanol update and how corn markets can surprise us.

Weekly Roundup: From Sneaker Markets to Housing Markets

Our weekly roundup includes the ups and downs of sneaker and housing markets, how women’s human capital has been wasted and healthcare cost contradictions.