Three Big Questions About the GDP

GDP problems include that it’s not calculated the same way in different countries, its data can be tough to gather, and its components omit important items.

Weekly Roundup: From Turkey to Buffalo

This week’s everyday economics include competition, oligopoly, marginal cost and benefit, GDP growth, unemployment, supply and demand, OPEC, redistribution.

What An Unemployment Rate Does Not Tell You

A single statistic like the unemployment rate for Japan, the European Union and the U.S. can be misleading until we look more closely at what it represents.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Misery to Chocolate

This week’s everyday economics stories involved quantitative easing, monetary and fiscal policy, supply and demand, ROI, GDP, unemployment and inflation.

How Chinese Economic Growth Relates to Restaurants and Pilots

China might not fuel world economic growth if instead of a 7 percent real GDP growth rate forecast, we use a regression to the mean of 3.9 percent.

The Best Places For Growing Old

With populations growing older in the developed world, their wellbeing might affect the GDP growth rate because of the expense of their care.

The Economic Impact of the Ebola Epidemic

The ebola epidemic will affect Liberia’s GDP growth rate through the illness itself and the ripple of fear that hits households, businesses and government.

A Closer Look at the EU 28 Economic Growth Rate

Looking at a European average economic growth rate, unemployment rate and GDP to debt ratio is misleading because of countries’ disparate economies.