The Covid-19 Test That Does More With Less

Because of productivity gains from Covid-19 pool testing, the Michigan State University’s 67,000 students can return to school more safely.

Throwback Thursday: What a Kitchen Says About Us

#TBT: Looking at kitchen history on this Throwback Thursday, we can decide what a new kitchen from the 1920s says about us.

Deciding If Your Digital Assistant Is Unethical

Creating a long list of ethical dilemmas, Google’s Duplex is a digital assistant that sounds just like a human when scheduling appointments.

How to Find Your Match

Creating more efficient markets, matching algorithms facilitate supply and demand when transactions do not involve money.

The Connection Between a Killer Plant and Elmer’s Glue

An innovation being sold to manufacturers, jars with slippery interior surfaces will create positive externalities by lessening waste and saving time.

Starbucks Drive-Through Economics

My new Starbucks has a drive-through. If you look at a high shelf near the window through which the baristas hand the coffee and food to drivers, you see a screen with little cars and numbers. Changing from green to yellow…